SSP : alternative seismic prospecting by search (discovery) of a deposit of ore...
Exploration of deposits of ore, search of deposits and many other things...
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Exploration (search) of deposits of ores

     Due to a unequal hardness of rocks an halo may be shown on the SSP-section not only quicksands and karsts, but also some deposits.
     Complex ore on Polar Ural was found out by geologists at mapping on a route along an abrupt coast of the river. The contouring of the found deposit was carried out by methods of electrical exploration.
     In figure it is given the SSP-section of a deposit. Ore body lieing in hard sandstones has smaller hardness, than sandstone containing it, and thus its don't diffusion each into other. In result, on the SSP-section are two subhorizontal boundaries (top - on depth 10 - 15 m and bottom - on depth 40 - 50 м), and subvertical, limiting ore body close 400 and 680 m of a profile are shown. The revealed body is showed with shading. As we see on an outline of the bottom funnel-shaped boundary of ore body, the deposit is in a tectonic disturbance zone.

Exploration (search) of deposits of ores

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