SSP : search (exploration) of a deposit of diamonds by methods of alternative seismic prospecting...
Search (exploration) of deposits of diamonds and many other things...
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Search (exploration) of diamond's deposits

     According to physics of formation of the own elastic fluctuations, stated on a web-site of the author of a technique of alternative seismic prospecting -, boundaries on the SSP-sections show the traces of motions in soils or surfaces on which micromotions between the neighbouring soils are possible during acoustic measurements.
     It was found, these cases take place in zones magmatic and, in particular, igneous deposits too. The experience has shown, igneous diamond deposits, irrespective of their structure are shown on the SSP-sections by domes.

Search (exploration) of diamond's deposits

     In the illustrated case the geologists in soils on an abrupt beach of the river Oredezh (the Lujskaya area of the Leningrad region) in a zone designated by red color, have found out crystals. The carried out magnetic prospecting has not shown the any anomaly.
     The SSP-method has coped with this task. As a result of the carried out three profiles the dome-shaped structure outlined was revealed (it is showed by a dotted line).
     Conformity of the revealed object to diamond deposit was proved by test boring. Method SSP has allowed to find some similar structures in this region.

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