SSP : search of the reason (the geophysical forecast) an emergency condition (destruction) of pipelines...
Search of the reason, the geophysical forecast of an emergency condition and destruction of main gas mains and other pipelines and many other things...
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Search of the reasons of failures of a gas main

     The most vulnerable among all engineering constructions, perhaps, can count pipelines. On existing estimations, in Russia annually occurs about 80000 failures on pipelines. Practically in all cases the reason of failure is considering the poor quality of manufacturing pipes.
     Research by the SSP method of part of a gas main Urengoy - Novopskov was made after was ascertained fact that in some cases of failure arise repeatedly on those sites where repair was already made. It is clearly this fact does not correspond to opinion that the reason of failures is in poor quality of pipes.
     As a result of made profile by a SSP method (12 km) was ascertained, that all without exception of failure ( they for 10 years of operation were practically on each kilometer) occured exclusively in zones of tectonic disturbances.

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