SSP : search, discovery of underground constructions and lines...
Search and discovery of a site lost (forgotten, buried) underground constructions and lines and many other things...
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Looking for underground constructions (Chapel)

     At the request of the St.-Petersburg Society of amateurs of a history we looked for the foundation of a chapel, destroyed by bolsheviks. The SSP-method was used by us.
     The house N 82 on the St.-Petersburg highway was erected near to this place. On memoirs of old residents, the chapel was within the of a site limited to a red dot line, is near to its northern boundary.

Looking for underground constructions Chapel

Looking for underground constructions (Chapel)

     Unfortunately, the site of our searches was occupied with debris, and bushes. Therefore profiles would be not there where it would be desirable, and there where it was possible.
     The first profile has shown presence artificial object not in northern part, but in a southern part of a zone of searches. Other profiles have confirmed it. By having connected extreme points traced on the SSP-sections of objects, we have received information about the foundation of a chapel.
     Its sizes 6Х6 m corresponds to the known information on this chapel. But in the beginning it seemed not clear the orientation of the base concerning a meridian. As far as we know, cult buildings necessarily oriented according to parts of the world. As showed, base is concerning a meridian approximately on 15 degree. However, it was found, this orientation is defined usually not with the help of a compass, but by a direction on sunrise in the day of conformable Saint. The rejection on 15 degree from a meridian as appeared, quite corresponds to the given situation.
     Especially we shall note, the funnel-shaped object adjoining 5-th profile from east side to the base, has a natural origin. It is a zone of the lowered bearing capacity of a ground. And if it was within the base a chapel itself would collapse.

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