SSP : Seismic station for alternative seismic prospecting (spectral seismic profiling (SSP), seismic equipment...
Seismic station for alternative seismic prospecting. It is hardware - a program complex for spectral seismic profiling (seismic prospecting). The equipment (apparatus) for seismic prospecting. Seismograph and many other things...
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Seismic station for alternative seismic prospecting

The firm"GEOPHYSPROGNOS" Offers for a solution of problems:

  1. definitions of the reasons and forecastings of destruction of engineering constructions;
  2. at research on flaw detection of various constructions;
  3. search of deposits of mineral resources (ore, diamonds);
  4. researches of grounds under construction;
  5. engineering geological survey;
  6. search of the artesian well;
  7. ecological researches

- geophysical method of spectral-seismic profiling (SSP) and the equipment for its realization. Method SSP is alternative to traditional seismic methods and is based on use of some new, before unknown  physical effects. Spectral seismic profiling allows to receive the information on geologic objects which to receive with the help of other methods for today it is impossible. First of all, it concerns tectonic disturbances and their influence on all strata sedimentary soils.
     Spectral seismic profiling consists that along a preset structure with preset step are carried out single-channel seismic measurings at direct affinity seismograph to a point of impact. Set of spectral images received thus seismic signals settles down definitely, forming figure (SSP-section).
     Direct supervision and mapping of tectonic disturbances allows to reveal places of the increased filtration in sedimentary to a strata and to reveal zones of crushing in underlying granite strata.
     The method of spectral seismic profiling (SSP) has shown high efficiency on set of objects at a solution of different problems(look examples of operations).
     Method SSP is actively used for a solution engineering - geologic problems as appeared rather effective at definition of the reasons and at forecasting destruction of engineering constructions.
     The method is cheapest of all ground geophysical methods, non-polluting (explosions are not necessary) and operative.
     For reception of a SSP-section it is not required to any aprioristic information. Creation of a SSP-section is carried out on the computer, and thus the subjective factor is completely excluded. The initial information is kept in memory of the computer that allows to document a condition of object.
Seismic station (seismic equipment for researches)      The hardware - program SSP-complex consists from special (patented) geophone, 12 - digit single-channel digitizer with a wide frequent range, the computer note-book and the accumulator providing operation of the equipment within a working day. The gross weight of the equipment does not exceed 10 kg, and in the packed kind the equipment is in a portofolio. The software allows to receive a SSP-section directly in an operating time therefore operative correction of a direction of a profile and parameters of the equipment is carried out. Profiling is carried out by two operators. Productivity of field operations - up to 4 kms per day.
     At purchase of equipment SSP the firm will carry out free-of-charge (the road and residing are paid only) test operations on known object for the customer. During one year after purchase of our equipment "GEOPHYSPROGNOS" supervises and advises all operations on objects of the customer.

     There are copyright certificates and patents, and also numerous publications. The most complete information on a method and results of its use is given on a site of the author of alternative seismic prospecting.

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