SSP : Seismic prospecting; forecasting of destructions; flaw detection; researches; diagnostics; search and trace...
Seismic prospecting. Forecasting of destructions. Flaw detection. Researches. Diagnostics; Search. Trace. Forecasting (forecast) of an emergency condition. Search (exploration) of deposits. Search of underground objects. Geology. Ecology. Engineering geological survey. Search of the artesian well. Flaw detection. Revealing of the reasons of failures. The geophysical forecast. Researches under construction and many other things...
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 Welcome on a site of Scientific-Technical Firm "GEOPHYSPROGNOS"!

     Since 1990 the firm "GEOPHYSPROGNOS" carries out a wide complex of geophysical researches for a solution of various problems(tasks). Field of activity of our firm is:

     For a solution of these problems(tasks) the firm has a wide complex of the apparatus and the equipment, including unique seismic equipment SSP the firm has the equipment of the own mining which are not having analogues, and also the software. We carried out successful realization search operations on diamonds On deposits in the Arkhangelsk, Leningrad and Perm areas, and also in republic Bashkortostan, on Polar Ural and New Land, on ore  deposits on polar Ural, on water in Leningrad region. Our technique of the forecast of geological conditions at operation of deposits of coal was introduced in all coal basins of the USSR and also on deposits potash salts on Solikamsk a deposit, fells shales on the Leningrad deposit and building materials in Leningrad region. We have received deciding(solving) results at ecological researches On range the Red pine forest under St. Petersburg. Constantly we take part at engineering -  geological recearches for building various constructions in territory of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region, in particular, under construction of terminals in the Petersburg sea port, and on a southern coast of gulf of Finland, the Ring motorway, researches under a line of underground, and also on trunk-railways in the north and the centre of the European territory of Russia and lines of main pipelines. We carried out unique researches on flaw detection reinforced-concrete constructions of various type - piles, blocks and monolithic constructions on ground and underground constructions, stone blocks, and massifs of soils on a deposit at a mining of stone blocks, metal constructions, and also pipelines with the purpose of an estimation of a degree of their reliability. We were engaged in search and and tracing of various engineering communications, in particular, drainage system in Hermitage and the bases many years back the destroyed constructions in St. Petersburg. We defined(determined) the reasons of emergencies on the St.Petersburg underground (Ploshad Mujestva),on civil и and industrial targets (a range of apartment houses, pump stations, quays, rostral columns, various pipelines и sewer collectors).

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