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Ecological researches

     The burial of harmful substances in zones of tectonic disturbances leads to diffusion these substances through the soils are having increased permeability unpredictable far.
     The burial place for toxic waste products of chemical manufacture was created under Kolpino in Leningrad region, in 60th years in a zone where geologists have found out deposits of cambrian high-power clay. It is considered, clays are a water-horn. By this reason there was a certitude, that, having dug up in this clay the pits for storage of toxic waste products, it is possible to not be afraid of their distribution to adjoining space. However on the neighbour fields and in upper reaches of the rivers there were discovered traces of the substances buried. The provenance their long time remained not clear.
     The research by SSP profiles has allowed to reveal some tectonic disturbances, are crossing separate pits. From the beginning the geologists categorically denied a opportunity of influence of a tectonic disturbance on permeability of clays. Owing to their known property of self-healing.
     However the chemical analysis of samples of a soil and groundwaters has liquidated all questions. And now it is possible to tell with all definiteness, that sedimentary soils and a ground, irrespective of their structure, including, and clays, in zones of tectonic disturbances have the increased permeability.

Ecological researches

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