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The forecast of emergencies, destructions and many other things...
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The forecast of emergencies and destructions between stations of underground "Lesnaya" and "square Mujestva"

     In zones of tectonic disturbances mutual influence between surface and underground objects is especially apparent. The site of a line of the Petersburg underground between stations "Lesnaya" and "squere Mujestva" is very bright illustration of it.
     The line of underground on this site has crossed a thick tectonic disturbance and as soon as the soil mass frozen at caisson sinking began to thaw, under dynamic influence of trains both tunnels began to be immersed in a ground. Thus all soil column up to the surface was disturbed. Bearing capacity of a ground was sharply decreased therefore one of buildings of a factory "Aurora" has suddenly collapsed. In 1996 both tunnels of underground have saged so, that have collapsed and have lost hermiticity.
     The development of failure described above on underground was cleared up as a result of the profiling executed in 1997 by the SSP-method.
     As appeared, the zone of damage of underground has coincided with a place of crossing of a tunnel a tectonic disturbance.
     Besides as a result of realization of these researches appeared, that is inadmissible проходка a new line of underground under Karbyshev street. The matter is that in this case the new line will be appearing under a line of a city sewer collector in a zone of crossing it of a tectonic disturbance.
     Unfortunately, our warnings were ignored, and now (November 2001) should be beginning driving a tunnel of underground in that place where the collector crosses a tectonic disturbance.
     Character of the SSP-section received at inspection of this zone, is the same, as well as in 1-st example where the reasons of a failure of asphalt on the D.Bedny street are considered. As a result of all these researches it became absolutely clear, that movement of the first underground trains on a new tunnel of underground will result in failure on a collector.

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