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Geopathogenic zone (search of the artesian well)

     The increased permeability of soils in zones of tectonic disturbances creates preconditions both for drilling for water, and for formation of geopathogenic zones.
     Inspection of territory near to the private house constructed near Vysotsk (Vyborg district the Leningrad region) it was carried out to define a place of drilling for water.

Geopathogenic zone (search of the artesian well)

     Profile 1 was made near the house. On the SSP-section on a profile 1 it is visible, that the boundary between granite and sedimentary soils lies approximately on depth of 40 m. The boundary this not smooth and contains some fractures. One of them is near 31-th m. This fracture is so, that problems with productivity of well should not be. However if such fracture is under the house it extremely perniciously will have an effect both on the house, and on health of its inhabitants.
     For specification of a situation the 2-th profile was made. Near the 36-th meter of a second profile is fracture in the crystal base, similar to the fracture met by first profile  also is found out.
     The red dotted line through the house corresponds the way of this fracture.
     Survey of a house has shown presence of cracks in walls are correlated to a tectonic disturbance under the house. Interrogation of people has revealed deterioration of their health during their residing at this house.
     Therefore, instead of drilling for water the house was recognized unsuitable for residing and its owners were leaving it.

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