SSP : choice of a place of a burial place high-toxic wastes...
Alternative seismic prospecting: choice of a place of a burial place high-toxic wastes (scraps) and many other things...
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     To choose a place for a burial place radioactive (and also anyone highly toxic) products, it is necessary to be sure, that rocks in the chosen place have no increased penetration and connection with deep horizons.
     For this purpose it is necessary, that the place chosen for a burial place was not crossed by tectonic dislocation. Still recently this task had no decision as there were no the method allowing mappiing the tectonics. One of examples of results a burial place of toxic substances in a zone of tectonic infringement, the burial place of highly toxic products of chemical manufacture "the Red Forest", that under St.Petersburg can serve created in 60th years. As proved, this object is crossed by tectonic dislocations therefore traces of the buried waste products find both on agricultural fields, and in the rivers on rather significant distances from burial place.
     Created some years ago the spectrum- seismic profilings (SSP) method allows to reveal zones of tectonic dislocations irrespective of thickness of a sedimentary rock. The SSP method allows to reveal tectonic dislocations at any thickness of a sedimentary rock - as latent by a moss and vegetation a zone of cracking of the crystal base in conditions Kola peninsula where the sedimentary cover is absent, and a zone of tectonic dislocations in conditions of Siberia where thickness of a sedimentary rock is very great.
     If the ferro-concrete tank for waste products appeared in a zone of tectonic dislocation the situation develops as follows:

  1. Because of presence under the tank of a zone of the lowered bearing capacity (in other words, the increased pliability) a ground the bottom of this tank as though sags. As ferro-concrete things can not bend, microcracking begins to accumulate.
  2. As consequence of accumulation microcracking - penetration of the ferro-concrete will be increased, and the substance kept in the tank starts to be shown outside.
  3. As soon as it is found out, the tank will be liquidated to make new and good, from a ground delete filtered substance, and a cement solution will be pumped into a ground in this place.
  4. Actually, the cement solution is pumped into a zone of the lowered bearing capacity is the reason of increasing speed a cracking of the new tank.

     So occurs all over the world. The blame for it lays on those scientists who declare presence of elastic deformations both at rocks, and at concrete and ferro-concrete. Experiments showed, that this materials do not have elastic deformations.
     I have found out, that the listed materials have no zone of elastic deformations still in 1980. I repeatedly reported on it at conferences and seminars. Strangely enough, nobody objected but to accept this point of view refused, because it will damage to a mountain and building sciences. But a science it if it does not cost on experimental base?
     Both mountain, and building sciences, (as well as theoretical acoustics of solid materials that is shown on my site ), represent set of the equations in which majority of arguments can not be determined in experiment. It is no sciences but sciolism.
     How permeates sciolism in a science:
     Become suitable for defence of a thesis, work should have mathematical attributes. For this purpose employ mathematics which writes imagination on the given theme in required volume. One more making dissertations is adoption about application of the achievements of science to production. The price of such act - from a banquet till reception in postgraduate study of the next blockhead. For a quarter of century of my work in Leningrad mining institute on my eyes hundreds dissertations have passed. I shall not name also one which was made under other method. The question is about mountain and building sciences and about seismic prospecting. Very much it would be desirable, that outside these areas all was differently.
     On the other hand, under laws of psychology, the person who once has told a lie in a science (including, soiled by the plagiarism, defenced the sham dissertation, declared about opening of nonexistent effect), dies as the scientist. It is impossible to dare to be mistaken in a material stolen or fabricated. After that it will necessary not make science but to prove, that you are not the swindler.
     Sooner or later, the nonsense which does the person in doctor's quality, will get in textbooks, becomes the base to training the following generations of scientists, will get in normative documents. Otherwise as though seismic prospecting which can not give any information, is in normative documents as a method recommended at engineering - geological researches?
     When I speak about full spuriousness of traditional seismic prospecting, it frequently causes misunderstanding on the part of people unfamiliar with deep problems of this area of knowledge. Its idea is too simple to dare to doubt of it. Obviousness of this idea is comparable with obviousness that the Earth is flat and all heavenly bodies rotate around of it.
     But the physics has not and can have nothing obvious and any axioms. The physics is block of real effects and the phenomena, and that if experimentally to confirm it is impossible is not physics.
     At the best - it is a hypothesis, in the worse - delusion or even a deceit. When in the beginning of the last century, at the first seismic measuring it was not discovered an echo - signal, was emerging a confusion. The cause of confusion that the mathematics generated on the basis of mental representations describing echo - signals, has achieved such level that was declared end of development of theoretical acoustics of solid environments as a separate science. Really, if with the help of mathematics it is possible to describe any conceivable situation arising at spreading of elastic waves, acoustics entirely passes to the competence of mathematics.
     The complexity was only in one - any of theoretical positions of acoustics of solid materials, any of mathematical decisions is impossible to confirm experimentally. As, however, and to deny. Even such fundamental position as a constancy of speed of spreading of a sound in homogeneous materials.
     However confusion lasted not for long. Scientists have devised how to exploit the fact of simplicity of initial idea of seismic prospecting. It is made very simply. By using the full volume of prospecting works, with drilling, and also all known geophysical methods, they report that the information is received with the help of one only seismic prospecting. Seismic prospecting, certainly, is applied too, but interpretation of its results is only the fitting to the results received by other research methods.
     So, for example the west siberian petroleum was opened with the help of seismic prospecting .
     So, with the help of seismic prospecting researches are conducted all over the world with the purpose of a choice of a place for a burial of radioactive waste products. Well, these results is known, I from them and the beginnings.
     Try to order seismic works with severe constraints to not apply any other research methods. Neither geological, nor geophysical. And without knowledge, naturally, already available geological information on the given region. Nobody will agree to it.
     I think, that the question should be arising - what for it is done. It is known the one who deceives, should be afraid of unmasking. The matter is that cost of seismic prospecting makes more than 90% from a total cost of researches. Or, in other words, if to order in full geophysical researches, you will spend money in 10 times more than if you have done without seismic prospecting.
     Already more than 20 years I proved more than in 40 scientific publications, that traditional seismic prospecting is a scientific error. In last articles I already prove, that this scientific error for a long time has passed to the realized deceit. I have no any response on these articles. That, probably, too it is indicative.
     While all is limited to economy, with it it is possible to be reconciled. But when there are a speech about a survival, about preservation of life on the Earth, sooner or later it is necessary to subject similar sciences of audit. If only not too late.

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