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Glikman A.

     In 1829 s in Paris, in the Transactions of Parisian Academy has appeared an article of Poisson, denoted using a wave equation for the description of spreading the elastic waves in hard materials. This article is basic fundamental for the description of the whole acoustics of hard ambiences and the main its part - seismics. By having decided wave equation for two border conditions, Poisson has got expressions for the description of compression and shear waves.
     The idea of a seismics has arisen for a long time ago. It was known about using location of bats and dolphins, and use of this principle as well in solid seemed obvious still long before Poisson. Poisson only formalized this idea.
     Poisson was good mathematician, and besides methodologicalally competent scientist. He know, that the mathematical description, received by him of a field of elastic fluctuations is not theoretical, but hypothetical, as in that time the acoustic measurements could not be carried out, and it was impossible and to think about any check. The hypothesis should be confirmed by experiment to become the theory. For this reason above mentioned article was not included in him two-volume edition on the theoretical mechanics issued in 1831.
     The attitude of the scientists to the description of a field of elastic fluctuations after death of Poisson (in 1840) considerably has changed. The scientists have begun to think about a hypothesis Poisson as the theory. They were devising new boundary conditions, and were considering the new types of waves as a reality. Actually, the new decisions of the wave equation were so speculative, as well as appropriate boundary conditions. In 1885 lord Rayleigh has received the description of surface waves (Rayleigh waves). And then, all mathematics, which managed to decide the wave equation for the certain boundary conditions, could expect that the new type of waves will be named as their name. So were received the Love's waves, Lamb's waves, Stonly's waves . This action continues till now, and sometimes gets comical character. So, Mr. Krauklis P. (the scientific employee of mathematical institute of name Steklov), after he learned about results of our researches, has tried to present them as a consequence of presence of certain kr-waves (probably, Krauklis-waves). He said "the single-component signal is consequence of interference". It is sufficiently if who is understanding... But to his this saying we still shall return. I do not know, that more in this race for a personal type of waves - it is error, vanities or, as in the latter case, it is the deceit .
     The first seismic exploration have not shown main - it was not revealed of presence of echo - signals. And consequently, structure of earth was not received as such.
     I understand, that at so high evidence of idea of a seismics and such quantity prominent mathematicians, who applied a hand, at once, at the first failure to refuse it would be unreal. especially since in the beginning ХХ century they proclaimed, that, as a science, acoustics of solid has finished the development. The scientists believed, that any situation in acoustics can be described with the help of the wave equation, and, hence, acoustics wholly passes from the scientists to the competence of mathematicians. As to the competence, it has taken place really. All modern scientists - seismic-exploration are only mathematicians, never in its life carried out any acoustic measurement.
     Here there is a very significant moment. I can't to present a level of methodological illiteracy of scientific, who declared, that in any area the knowledge is completed.
     And one more remark. The mathematical equation describes the physics process, only if the arguments of this equation can be determined in experiment. Those arguments, which are in the wave equation describing a field of elastic fluctuations, can not be determined experimentally and to this day. In Board of Weights and Measures there are no standards of basic parameters of a field of elastic fluctuations. Therefore application of the wave equation for the description of this field even from metrological positions is wrongful.
     Process of cognition is endless, and what clever we itself nor seemed for us, through 100 years all will be pertain with the humour about our knowledges. Moreover, it is known, as soon as any area of knowledge will be announced as all its development,the revenge will come(step) immediately. The facts proving infinity of knowledge as well in this area of knowledge will become known.
     In outline, logistical was explain a failure an imperfection using seismic instrument. This and was made.
     But, on the other hand to get a financing on the further development an seismics, it is necessary was after the first seismic exploration to present although some positive result. And this result was presented. Yes else what!
     In 1909 Mohorovichich - a geophysicist, professor of Zagreb's (Yugoslavia) university, declared that he revealed a border between rock of mantle and cortexes of the Earth at the depth in several of ten of kilometers by the seismic method. This was invented aptly, because this information can not nor be confirmed, nor has refused and today, and even more so in 1909. This border was named a Mohorovichich's surface.
     Other, such "successful" scientists as Mohorovichich began develop this idea, and austrian geophysicist Konrad has done similar "opening", according to which at the depth from 10 to 70 km exists a border between the granite and basalt.
     Then, already hereon it was declared that by seismics is discovered, that thickness of cortex under oceans less, than under mainlands. As well as that Earth core is liquid.
     Understandable that money for the development of such powerful geophisical method are immediately found, and seismics began used. However investors are interested more real possibilities of seismics: for exploration activities, for engineering-geophisical work. A peculiar technology of seismic interpretation was created for it.
     Technology this is the falsification of results of seismics information to coincidence with the factual earth stratum.
     To greatest amazement, I have found out this mechanism of falsification when was acquaintance with a history of creation of a legend about the contribution of a seismics to opening the West-Siberian petroleum. But about it then.
     It is necessary to tell, that the doubts in the verity of a seismic exploration,were arising. For clarification a situation there was an international project known as superdeep hole on Kola Peninsula. Seismic exploration was before this drilling.
     For realization seismic exploration the international laboratory was created in Leningrad institute of mines. After processing and interpretation, the results of seismic works were removed, and after describing of core from 12 km of a bore-hole were compared seismic and geological sections. The discomfiture was indescribable. The discrepancy was so absolute, that the geologists have not found anything more cleverly as to make secret from obtained results.
     Thus, the seismics from error has turned into a deceit.
     6 attempts re-interpretation received then seismogram are made already to achieve concurrence to a geological section. All of them have appeared unsuccessful.
     But it I has found out rather recently. And in the beginning...
     So has happened, that, having radio engineering education, I in 1973 began to read the course of coal mining geophysics for students of the Leningrad mining institute. In the beginning I did not notice trick, as scientific and educational literature was quite enough to read this course at a normal level.
     The mathematics already decided all problems of a seismics, and I needed only to have the mathematical education for that.
     However geophysics is a part of physics, and it can not be taught without the appropriate laboratory base. At that, creating laboratory base for the course, I have met if on all geophysical methods (electrical exploration, magnetic exploration, radioactive methods etc.) to make labwares it is possible without problems, and with their help it is possible to simulate in laboratory practically any real situation,but a seismics labware simply did not exist.
     If is exacter, the laboratory works on a seismics were, but it was only mathematical modeling. That is the mentally simulated situation was set to the computing device, and its development was studied by the students.
     In absence of laboratory works any physical discipline loses connection with physics and becomes in formal prestidigitation by mathematics. I proceeded from that well-known moment, that the physics in itself is, first of all, is the real effects and phenomena. But with the proofs of a reality of effects in a seismics is problems.
     It is difficult to speak about it, and originally I couldn't it make even to myself. But today, after a lot of years, when is already created new, alternative paradigm of acoustics, it is possible to declare aloud, not one fundamental position of acoustics of solid (and seismics as its basic branch) has the experimental proof.
     Having understood it, I have decided to stop my work as teacher. Reading the students of lecture, I have understood, that haven't the moral right, because i did not understand in general anything. And was afraid of any question very much. But the students too nothing understood, and, deafened by very heavy mathematics, on seismic part of a course did not ask questions.
     By one of arguments that I did not throw these researches and reading of a course, there was an attitude to my questions of the scientists - seismologists. And it consist that from their party all conceivable and inconceivable measures were undertaken, that I was not to continue these researches. Trying me to scare away from a seismic researching, they, actually, me have intrigued.
     Turning-point for process of my understanding of physics of a field of elastic fluctuations was first in my life visit in a colliery for realization seismics with the help by me of the made equipment. It was in the summer of 1977.
     Matter of fact that the acoustic measurements have such specificity, that a lot of effects is very difficult for seeing in laboratory. And indeed, when I did explorations in the coal mine, I have seen effect, which at once has shown fallaciousness (while that only for me) of all standard paradigm of a seismics.
     For methodology of development of scientific knowledge it is the fact banal. The result of the most ordinary experimental research can wreck even very mathematized hypothesis.
     The effect this consist that as reaction to striking on a massif is a fading harmonic signal. This,apparently, insignificant moment at once and unconditionally has crossed out all building of a seismics, which whole century is supported by unprecedented economic props. For whom this logic is not obvious, I shall explain.
     Harmonic (or else, sinusoidal), including, and fading harmonic signal can be received by only one way, namely, with the help of oscillatory system. And if we see, the reaction to any (mechanical or electrical) strike looks like fading harmonic signal, should not cause doubts, that the excitation of oscillatory system took place. A string, pendulum, electrical oscillatory contour - are all known representatives of oscillatory systems. But we have agreed, the knowledge is unlimited, and became to be, it is impossible to exclude, that there is unknown oscillatory systems hitherto. And when I in 1977 have seen, that seismic signal contains the fading sinusoid, I have understood, that takes place unknown oscillatory system.
     But how it is connected to impossibility of sound location in solid? This is because here or-or. Or you as a result of shock influence on a massif have sound pulse, which will be to spread in all direct under the laws of geometrical optics and is reflected from obstacles (the principle of a seismics) consists, or other process is perfect. For example if we strike on a surface of a bell, it reacts all volume of bell, being the volumetric resonator. And it would be strange, if we described work of a bell as repeated reflection of a primary signal. The primary signal there is absent. It at once, at the moment of impact will be transformed to a oscillatory process, to the fading sinusoid. Same occurs and in a massif. Therefore, primary, outgoing pulse in massif is absent, but the arisen there oscillatory (fading harmonic) process is distributed in it not under the laws of geometrical optics, but in directions appropriate to geometry of those oscillatory systems, which are there.
     The single mechanism of formation of seismic signal is interference. But the harmonic signal cannot be received by interference. The sinusoid is elementary and indivisible on more simple information elements. The interference, as is known, allows to receive a complex signal by summation of more simple components. After all Fourier series - amount of sinusoidal components. Because more simple, than sinusoid - signal does not happen.
     The contents of the previous paragraph is known from a school course of mathematics. However, already during 25 years, when I try to enunciate these arguments on any tribune (at seminars, conferences etc.), is a reaction of complete aversion. The basic thesis is as I on formation (education) not seismologist, therefore I do not know, that by interference it is possible to receive any signal. I agree, really anyone, except harmonic. And here, please, all claims to Fourier.
     For this reason I receive the special pleasure, when I refer to the Krauklis' citation, above mentioned. Such the doctors of physical and mathematical sciences we have.
     However, there is a very useful rule of the ethical character, which consists it is not allowed to deny anything existing, without offering anything in exchange. But to offer in 1977 there was still nothing. It was necessary to find out, what exactly carries out a role of oscillatory systems in massif, physics of transformation of shock influence in harmonic response, and to answer set of other questions arising on a course of researches.
     If you will be able to solve only one riddle of Nature, on its place will arise a few new. I and at all little my colleagues solved a few riddles of Nature, and on their place so much was appeared new that will be enough for some generations.
     We managed to find out, that the new oscillatory system, discovered still in 1977, in particular, can be submitted by flat geological structure. The frequency of harmonic signal arising at striking is unambiguously connected to thickness of this structure. This fact was by a basis of a new, alternative line of a seismics. The essence him is recalculation of a frequency spectrum of seismic signal to a geological structure. So was born a spectral seismics.
     It is necessary to tell, that, on the one hand, work on creation of a spectral seismics went very successfully. I discovered a few new physical effects, unknown before. So, I shall tell by the way, what to discover only one physical effect that is unknown before - already event of global importance. But in my book placed on a web-site you will find them a few. Shall not conceal, this moment itself is very pleasant - to know that on the Earth there is nobody, who has found out so much new effect in physics. But all this positive party of work was counterbalanced by enough quantity of muck.
     The fact is that, studying physics of spectral acoustics, I was more and more convinced that both traditional and spectral seismics can not exist simultaneously. If there is a distribution зондирующего of a pulse, so there is no place for harmonic fluctuations. And if there is an occurrence own гармонических of processes, there can not be a spreading of primary, outgoing pulse. The presence of harmonic response to striking influence we were convinced repeatedly. We also were convinced repeatedly that the spectrum seismic cut corresponds to a real geological cut. But, on the other hand, according to materials of the scientific literature, materials of press and reports of expeditions(dispatches), on the account of a traditional seismics is a lot of simply brilliant results. And again I understood only that I nothing understand.
     To the aid, as already was repeatedly, the Case has come. I was sent on business from institute to Tyumen. There I have made the acquaintance with geophysicist-seismologists, which have opened the Tyumen petroleum in informal conditions.
     I has heard from them that seismics to the opening an Тюменской oil has no any relations.
     As asserted by these geophysicist, the seismics was applied only then and only there, when and where from a hole already there was a petroleum. It under the documents, under the reports and the interview to the silly journalists was so, that at first there was a seismic exploring, then its results were specified by other any geophysics, then drilled and gave petroleum. But actually, in Western Siberia, as well as everywhere, search for petroleum by predictor-corrector method, by using a aeromagnetic method, and drilling, drilling and drilling. And already only when have obtained petroleum - seismics
     Because the one who owns a seismics, owns all - housing, transport, people... By money, eventually, because there, where apply a seismics, on it 95 % of all geophysical money is assigned.
     I knew by then, that the countries having own geophysics, really, for a seismics spend approximately 95 % of all geophysical money. But that sole purpose of a seismic exploration - the twentyfold increasing of cost of geophysical works, I could not to myself present. On the contrary, the fact of expensiveness testified for efficiency of this method! And then, eventually, indeed and in other countries such deception too was possible?! Later, after meetings with foreign geophysicist, I was completely convinced that swindlers of all countries are identical. But at that moment...
     Having seen my mistrust to their speech, Tyumen geophysics have offered me the following test. They have said that I tried, that any of seismic explorer have executed a seismic exploration and would make its interpretation before then they know about a geological cut in the given place. Nothing it will turn out, because any seismologist in the World on such will not agree.
     Strangely enough, something similar I have heard from the patriarch of a seismicz and seismology Petrashen G. And not only has heard, but also repeatedly has read in his works.
     Since then at all seminars, the international conferences on geophysics, at exhibitions - we address to seismologist the offer to carry out researches in a place where completely there is no geological information. We can not to find such seismologist which would agree to it. Were, the truth, cases when geophysicist pretended that agree on it, but actually, tried to apply geoelectrical prospecting or other, really working methods before realization of seismic prospecting. Geophysicist of Tyumen were right.
     Whether it is necessary to speak, as far as became easier after that our work on experimental studying formation and spreading of a field of elastic fluctuations in coal mines, and then, in field conditions, and also in laboratory.
     Development only one techniques of an estimation and forecasting of a roof stability in collieries already could to justify any scientific research. As known a sudden roof caving is the reason of 50 % of all traumas of miners all over the world. Now, as a result of use of spectral seismic prospecting the roof caving has ceased to be sudden. Besides, we with the help of spectral seismic prospecting approached to the decision of a problem of forecasting of sudden coal-and-gas outburst, and also rock bumps(man-caused earthquakes).
     After 1993 we had no opportunity to work in collieries, and have begun development of land spectral seismic prospecting. For the last 10 years we have found out so a lot of essentially new not only in acoustics of hard materials, but in geology, a building science, ecology and other areas of our life that would enough for very many scientists. But it, unfortunately, now is impossible. About the reasons of it will be told further.
     The philosophy always was considered as a science of all sciences. And methodology of development of scientific knowledge as its section. According to methodology, useless opening do not happen. And detection of new physical effect inevitably results in creation, as a minimum, a new research method. Further, according to the same methodology, if the research method has in its basis the new, unknown earlier physical effect, this method becomes a source of essentially new information. These statements are proved on an example of spectral seismic prospecting developed by us. We shall not enumerate here all numerous opportunities of a spectral-seismic profiling (SSP) method. We shall note only that a SSP method can be used at full absence of the aprioristic information. I think, that in comparison with traditional seismic prospecting, this moment speaks for itself.
     The spectral-acoustic (spectral-seismic) direction for today has already achieved a level independent and all-sufficient scientific - practical working. Most important our achievement I think even not those opportunities which are done, but that all without exception of position of this direction may be proved experimentally.
     Well, and how is acoustics of hard materials, the branch of which is traditional seismic prospecting? Unfortunately, acoustics of hard materials has followed the same path , as seismic prospecting. In this area of knowledge even if are some achievements they are received only experimentally. The theory of it is in pitiable condition. Any of positions of it and is not proved experimentally.
     However the reputation should be supported, and, one by one are arise some indemonstrable, but very brilliant statements which are seem obvious, are taken on belief and exert fatal influence on other areas of knowledge. For example, on solid-state physics, on a building science. So, everyone knows that by increase of the stress in rock the speed of spreading of longitudinal waves will increased too. Actually, this effect does not exist, it is figment.
     It is thought up rather long ago, approximately in middle of XX century, and successfully used already, probably, in thousand dissertations. It is informed in all textbooks. However this nonexistent effect contains three traps. The first consists that the stress condition, that is pressure in hard materials, is not subject to measurement. As known measurement is a comparison with the standard. But the standard of this substance so far is not present. And the appropriate sensor too. Thus, conferences on the stress condition have be carried out but to try which it is impossible. Just as in seismic prospecting, yes?
     Further, speed of longitudinal waves can be measured rather recently, only after creation of installation for supervision of monochromator and acoustic resonant absorption (ARA) effects by us. And so, I can declare responsibly , that neither speed of longitudinal waves, nor that till now was wrongly perceived as this speed - at change of pressure upon a sample which is taking place under press, does not change.
     Actually, with acoustics of hard materials in connection with our researches has taken place about the same, that has once taken place with electroengineering. When there was only an electrotechnology of a direct current, after opening of Ohm's law and Kirhgof's laws it was considered, that the knowledge of this area of knowledge is already completed. However at occurrence of an alternating current it turned out, that exist except active, also jet elements (condensers and coils of inductance). Detection of these elements has allowed to explain occurrence of own oscillatory processes. Further, as a result of it there was born electrodynamics. Finally, the electrical engineer of a direct current became a small special case modern theoretical electrotechnology.
     We managed to understand physics of occurrence of own elastic fluctuations. It was possible to find out, that as in the electrotechnology, in acoustics too there are the peculiar acoustic elements having a jet sound conductivity. So the acoustics is exact also, all processes in which described by interference, became a small special case of common acoustics.
     Development of scientific knowledge goes very irregularly, and the periods of progress are changed into the periods when the area of knowledge moves to a deadlock direction. It was avoided by none, probably, area of our life. However acoustics of hard materials had a peculiar way. Here the period of error was prolonged because to be in this condition appeared favourable to very many people. But benefit for these people has the consequence the big losses for mankind.
     For me it is not clear the next. It is possible to imagine a deceit of associates to earn money. But if this deceit can result in catastrophic events, whom it is necessary to be to dare such. For example, realization of researches under construction of thermal power station and furthermore, the atomic power station with the help of a method, essentially not informative, can result in the big trouble. As it became already clear, the presence of the vibrating mechanism in a zone of tectonic dislocation, brings to its inevitable destruction. To rough destruction , accompanied with the phenomenon such as earthquake. This factor became the main in failure on the Chernobyl atomic power station.
     We know results of researches on Northwest thermal power station (Saint Petersburg. Both machine halls of this station found itself in zones of a tectonic dislocation. Besides as it proved, the atomic power stations which also have appeared in zones of tectonic dislocations, but received the sanction to construction now are under construction as a result of the researches which have been carried out with the help of essentially not informative geophysical methods.
     At geological engineering survey for construction of burial places of radioactive waste products also the basic method is seismic prospecting. Despite of attempts to hide the actual state of affairs, already is known, that the majority of these burial grounds is no watertight.
     Undoubtedly, use at researches under construction of responsible objects essentially not informative methods is a crime before ecology and mankind as a whole. Unfortunately, everyone on whom it depends, nothing says against the existing situation.
     Not a secret, that very much frequently scientists prefer sciolism to scientific search. The sciolism is safe. Than more the level of sciolism, that less probability of unmasking. Really, who from strangers can give the objective characteristic to this or that work when even experts not always understand, on than speech.
     But to change the given concrete situation when the whole communities of scientists participate in a collective deceit, it is impossible. As it is impossible to improve something in one separately taken area of the state rotting in whole. It is necessary to change radically, since the beginning of preparation of the scientific personnel.
     And here, I would like to tell about a law of methodology of development of scientific knowledge which says:

If the scientist even has once garbled the scientific data, would declare other's work or idea as his own, or has allowed any other dishonesty in scientific activity, he on all life becomes the scientific impotent.

     But sirs scientists, look around of itself. Whether it is a lot of among you doctors which dissertation would not be fabricated? From huge quantity of the dissertations protected literally on my eyes, I could not name any which is not fake.
     Unfortunately, the system of preparation of scientists in postgraduate proposes skill to forge the scientific data to sign forged documents about application of the achievements of science to production. Therefore I also think, that now simply there are no scientists who could pick up our development and continue them. And while system of preparing a scientific personnel (frames) itself does not take these moments into account, scientific errors will be more preferred, than normal scientific work.

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